Maximize your ad profits with the 2023 trendiest verticals.

So, 2023 is just around the corner, and, with so many online advertising verticals going belly up and others taking off, it’s been a little tricky to track which are the best!

We thought we’d take out some of the guesswork, hopefully, save you some unnecessary research and get to grips with what’s hot so you can maximize your ad profits with the upcoming years trendiest verticals. 

That being said, let’s get cracking with…


In our digital world, App Installs are everywhere! There’s certainly an app for everything! The global consumer mobile app has climbed higher than it ever has.

So, what is the quickest way to make App Installs your go-to vertical for 2023?

When you’re advertising mobile offers, you should try and stick to a few key verticals with a broad target audience, that brings consistent downloads and has worldwide appeal.


Top 3 App Verticals

When advertising with vertical ads, the less specific the target audience is, the wider is the reach you stand to gain. The more wide-reaching the popularity of the vertical and the app, the better the conversion ratio becomes.

Try to target your campaigns to the sectors where automation plays a key role in improving the lives of the average consumer, saving them time and money. Also, make sure you go in with the facts. Do your research and weigh up the pros and cons of each.


– Online Dating Apps

In 2019, Tinder reported a $7.86 million mobile audience in the U.S. alone, with a global 1.6 billion swipes per day.

Mainstream dating apps convert extremely well into installs. Additionally, dating apps don’t need a pre lander to convert well. All you need is a catchy one-liner and the right ads to back it up.

The downside:

With the above mentioned there is significant competition in this sector where the biggest players in the space offer their apps completely free of charge.


– ECommerce Apps

Nowadays, a click and a CVC number get you unprecedented access to a universe of digital shopping. Now more than ever, the online shopping sector has rocketed to new heights during the pandemic, with eComm offers to hold mass appeal and converting worldwide traffic. These App Installs can be run immediately, without creating a pre-lander or any additional legwork.

The downside:

The install to sales ratio depends on what is being sold and if good deals are circulating. This is why conversions tend to increase during major shopping holidays. Additionally, the KPIs can be a little harder to track, making it tricky to dig down into exactly what targets converted the best. Avoid this by signing up with a high-quality tracker that captures the data for you.


– VPN & Utility Apps

Listed as one of the world’s top-performing apps installs, VPN downloads work extremely well with pop-unders, and the target audience is any smartphone user in the world, VPN is dynamite for online advertising campaigns.

The downside:

There’s a lot of competition in the market sector, and with so many companies jumping on VPN, the propensity for fraud increases. Always make sure you know what you are advertising and try the product yourself before sending it out to the world. Quality control is a big issue in this sector. Be aware that the App Install to sales ratio depends on the pre-lander, the app functionality, and its pricing.


Ad Formats

The above 3 app install verticals seem to convert at their best when paired with pop-under, interstitials, and push notifications.

But there are other digital ad formats options that you can try.


Advertising App Installs

If you’re advertising your offers without a pre-lander then you should make sure the old version of the app is not live and that you are directing people to the most updated installation. Double-check your linking URL and download the app yourself before moving forward.

Customer reviews will sell your App before you have to. Add updated, glowing reviews to your offer, and make sure that you’re able to screen and answer comments. Always check the campaign visuals. Make sure they tie in with and complement the product you’re advertising. Always strive to be the most eye-catching ad.


Which payout Model to use with App Installs?

How do you plan to get paid? CPM model yields higher volumes, but this does depend on the nature and cost of the bid.

CPA Target Bidding volumes are guaranteed from the start, but the offer needs to be showing decent eCPMs to keep the pace. The CPI model tends to yield nice results, but, the volumes do depend on the CR (number of unique clicks generated).


2.Sports Betting

If you start out with the numbers alone, Sports Betting is a huge opportunity. The last few months have seen a significant spike in user activity on a global scale. So, what should you be looking out for and what is the best way to target your traffic?

Advertising Sports Betting

Make sure you have a strong handle on these points before sending traffic to your sports campaign.

Landing page customized for the event

When advertising games, your landing page must be the key to bring in the crowds and make them stay. So make sure there is no copyright infringement going on.

Stick with royalty-free stock photos.

Separate yourself from the competition with discounts, deals, and offers. Fans love a Welcome Offer. The more time-sensitive the offer is, the higher the urgency, and the more it sells.

Customize your language. Use sports-related keywords in your copy for a better chance of matching with the right websites. Get your campaign targeting down to fine art and list only the most relevant categories. If you don’t have a budget for that, you can always try out Purelander, Instapage, or Unbounce. These free landing page builders help you create and generate eye-catching landing pages in the shortest possible time.

Campaign optimizing

To make sure you stay ahead of the competition you need to optimize your campaigns to reach your target traffic with the highest chances of converting.

Your budget should never be spent all at once. Make sure to spread it throughout the day to better target high profile events and regions in time zones that haven’t started converting yet.

Try split testing your online advertising efforts.

Best payout models for Sports Betting?

The CPA model is hands down the best one. It will allow you to quickly earn back your initial campaign investment.

Like App Installs, some Ad Formats work better than others. Anyway, you can never go wrong with a combination of Push, Pop-Under, and Display. We’d recommend adding Native into the mix because it’s easy to understand, and the returns come quicker.

That’s it from us. All the best for your 2023 online advertising journey!

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