We’ve developed the first adult supply-side platform

At the end of the day results are what drive customers to choose the most profitable partner from all the available options in the market.

EroAdvertising is shaking the market with the new adult supply-side platform (SSP).

As you’re used to saying: business is business!

At EroAdvertising we know that at the end of the day results are what drive customers to choose the most profitable partner from all the available options in the market. We want to make this an easy choice for you by having an impact on your performance. How? We’ve worked hard to develop our new SSP feature – easy to set up and hard to beat in performance.

Through our codes, we guarantee you the best option for all your traffic monetization needs.

We deliver the best performance possible by selling your traffic to the advertisers who pay more, coming from your favorite DSP. All DSPs are available to work with our feature through open RTB URLs. At the moment and apart from our advertisers, we have set connections with advertisers from TrafficStars, HillTopAds, Exoclick, Adnium, Adsterra, Affiliate4you, Zeropark, Clickaine, Plugrush, and Traffic Hunt.

After gathering feedback from the market, we started developing our SSP in order to fulfill the needs of every publisher maximizing their revenue. Every advertiser presenting more options and inventory at the same point of access. Every DSP that is looking for a complete system to establish their own ecosystem that displays all data about the publishers using their feeds.

Technically speaking, we first need an open RTB URL from one or more DSP you might have an interest in. After having the connection to your(s) DSP(s) you’ll be able to set up your website or in multiple ones. If you prefer, through an SSP campaign. Each SSP campaign handles one DSP. It is also possible to gather all the information about the DSP’s Ad zones.

Data and transparency

Our system displays all the information about your performance. We collect all the amounts for Requests, Bids, Wins, Errors, Average CPMs per Bid, Impressions, Clicks, Earned and Average CPMs over earnings, so that we don’t miss any details of your activity.


We’ve set the SSP stats to be saved in the DSP time zone to establish a perfect match between our platform and your DSP statistics.
For the DSPs, we can also set an account where it will be able to check the evolution in terms of global statistics, ad types and split performance by a publisher as well.

We cover the most common Ad types such as Banners, Pops and more recently, we’ve added Video Ads (pre-rolls, mid-rolls, and post-rolls).
To drive your performance even further and never waste any impressions, we give you the option to apply a default Failover Ad, which you can trigger setting a minimum CPM requested.

It is always good to remember that all the traffic is yours and you have full control of it. With this option, we have the perfect feature to improve your performance, delivering your traffic to whoever is willing to pay the most in the market.

We guarantee monetization with no limits – fast and transparent.

The number of publishers satisfied with our SSP is growing week after week, and results so far are encouraging, 25%-35% higher than before, on average.

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