About Us


EroAdvertising is a Portugal-based company founded in 2006. With over 10 years experience, it has grown into one of the largest adult networks in the world. Every month EroAdvertising is serving more than 30 billion geo-targeted ad views using our own ad-serving technology.


We increase your bottom line through powerful ad-technology. We offer both publishers and advertisers tools to get the most out of the traffic they sell or buy. With detailed dashboards and easy to use ad-formats with high demands in the market, we help publishers make money from their traffic with pairing them with advertisers with targeting methods that will help them convert their offers.


What sets EroAdvertising apart from other ad networks? Thanks for asking! We’ll say it’s our powerful mix of industry leading ad products, high quality traffic and expert account service. EroAdvertising simply makes it possible for top media brands, media buyers and advertisers to reach their customers through desktop, mobile and IPTV. We offer premium experience, performance based campaigns and programmatic buying. EroAdvertising is an international partner chosen by top advertisers, media buyers and publishers to grow their business every day.

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