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The powerful dashboard allows you total access to all aspects of your campaigns. Our dashboard is packed with features that easily gives you an overview.

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Language Targeting

Filter users based on their language.


Target users by country.

Group Targeting

Choose from our comprehensive list of groups. Our advanced contextual engine will deliver traffic that is relevant to your product.

Browser Targeting

target all the major browsers, including Chrome, Internet Explorere, Firefox, Opera, etc....

Operating System Targeting

Desktop and Mobile. This will allow you to target specific operating systems such as Windows, Mac, Android or IOS.

Device Targeting

Users are using many connected devices nowadays to navigate online. Target specific devices that convert better to your products. From desktop, to mobile devices, tablets, Smart TV and even wearable devices!

Mobile Carrier Targeting

Target users browsing in 3G or 4G through their mobile phone operator.

Site Targeting

EroAdvertising is a fully transparent network. target specific sites that convert best with your product.


Select the exact times of when you want your campaigns to run and in which time-zone!

Desktop and Mobile Ads Formats

EroAdvertising provides the best ad formats to advertise online and to generate more revenue out of your campaigns.
We offer several high-impact ad units, perfect as AdSense alternatives, to work better for your online web and online advertisements.

Display banner ads are one of the simplest, yet effective ways to advertise. Our premium publishers offer relevant, brand-safe banner ad zones for banner ad advertisers. Traditional display banners in various sizes: 120×600, 160×600, 250×250, 300×250, 336×280, 468×60, 728×90. File types: JPG, GIF, PNG Max size: 100 KB

Pop-under / Pop-up Ads gives advertisers a good opportunity to brand their product as well as giving the users sufficient product information. It can also provide advertisers with no creatives to use any page within their website as a pop-under advertisement.

Native ads, also known as sponsored content, are a form of advertising that adapts perfectly to the look and functionality of the platform on which they are displayed. These ads are designed to blend in naturally with the rest of the content on the page, whether on a website, app or social network. This strategy aims to provide a more organic and less intrusive experience for users, making them more likely to interact and engage with the advertising content. By harmonizing with the environment, native ads increase their chances of reaching and positively impacting the target audience.

Is an ad displayed in a video player. It can be a pre-roll ad (displayed at the beginning while the video is loading), a post-roll (displayed at the end of the video) or an on pause ad (when the user pauses the video). 300×250 and 468×60 are the standard in video ad formats.


Advertiser Deposit Methods