API Interface

This document contains information required to use the EroAdvertising Advertiser Reporting API.

The Advertiser Reporting API is an intuitive interface for advertisers to request for reports directly with REST APIs. The following sections describe the various aspects of the API and steps involved for a successful integration.

Getting Started

You must first create an EroAdverting Account to be able to use the Advertiser Reporting features. If you do not have an EroAdverting Account, click here to register.

Get an API Key

An API Key is required to use the Advertiser Reporting API. To get an API Keyyou have to contact our Customer Servive Support team.

Usage Limits

Usage of the API is rate limited to protect EroAdvertising’s system from abuse. Clients are allowed to make limited calls in a given hour.

The default rate limit is applied on a combination of inbound IP and API Key to a maximum of 100 calls per hour. If the rate limit has been exceeded, the API will return an error with the following JSON response schema: